First Time Around

First Time Around

The Circle of Love Series



Monica smiled at her phone for the umpteenth time this morning. She quickly caught herself before the smile became a wide-toothed grin that everyone around her would notice. That is if they hadn’t already noticed her smiling into her phone every other minute. She quickly typed in a response and waited for him to reply her.

This thing that she was doing now, was what she had promised herself she wouldn’t do; become so completely besotted by him that he took up every single space in her life. But somehow here she was, doing just that.

Since the first time they had lunch three weeks ago, Gabriel had somehow become a constant in her life. It had started with just texts…then they had moved to IMs….by the third day he was calling her a million times a day. At first, she had been skeptical. What did he want? Why was he calling so much? He wouldn’t be doing that if he didn’t want anything other than friendship.

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I am a writer but most importantly a reader. I write what I would want to read so romance, paranormal, dystopia, and chick lit is what you should expect.