Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners

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Saints and Sinners



There’s only one thing that separates the saints from the sinners, and that’s who’s looking.

For the longest time, I thought I was a saint. I did everything by the book. I lived only for and by the rules. I lived my life the exact way people thought I should. There was no way to tell the difference between what I wanted and what everyone else did. I didn’t realize the shell I was until he came along.


He was everything I wasn’t. The very thing I was taught from the beginning of my existence to run away from. The first time I saw him, I knew I should stay far away because he was a sinner. You could see it written all over him that he was the exact opposite of the kind of person I should be seen with.

I could sense it from miles away. You know that thing about seeing the aura surrounding people? I didn’t exactly believe in seeing auras as colors until I walked in and saw him. His whole existence was surrounded by a red halo of sorts.

Red. I should have known.

This man had an air of danger around him that should have warned me off. He didn’t live by any rules. Instead, he made his own. I tried my best not to get caught up in his orbit. No matter how hard I tried I was caught from the moment, he looked my way.


She was heaven personified and from the moment I saw her I thought of nothing more than dirtying her up. I opened my world up to her hoping she would recognize her true self. I thought I would change her so she could rule by my side. Somehow she ended up changing me just as much. Our story isn’t squeaky clean instead it’s a story of a saint and a sinner realizing we are just two sides of the same coin. We complete each other but will that be enough for the outside world?



I am a writer but most importantly a reader. I write what I would want to read so romance, paranormal, dystopia, and chick lit is what you should expect.