Second Chances


Second Chances

Second chances can be life changing, but does everyone deserve a second chance. In my next novel Gabriel is given a second chance to be with the love of his life. However, Monica wants nothing to do with him. She is focused on using her second chance to be a better mom and provider. What should Gabriel do? Should he stay out of Monica’s life because he ruined it once or try to make their second go round better? And what about Monica’s daughter? Will Gabriel still want a second chance with Monica after he discovers her secrets or will he choose the chance just to be a father?

What would you do with a second chance with the one you love?

Stay tuned to learn more about the second chance life has thrown at Monica and Gabriel.


I am a writer but most importantly a reader. I write what I would want to read so romance, paranormal, dystopia, and chick lit is what you should expect.

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