Second Time Around

Second Time Around

The Circle of Love Series

Secrets and lies tore Monica and Gabriel apart nearly six years ago. Can the biggest secret of all bring them back together?

Almost six years ago Monica’s world shifted on its axis, leaving her devastated and confused, pregnant and alone. After struggling to achieve her dreams, she is finally on the right track when her world changes again.

Gabriel was ready to propose to Monica before she vanished without a trace six years ago. A couple of chance meetings reveals she’s been keeping a huge secret from him. Can he forgive her and do the right thing or will the pressure be too much and cause him to leave this time?

Once trust is broken can it ever be repaired?


It’s been over two weeks since I’ve laid eyes on Monica yet I recognize her as soon as I entered the room. I would know her anywhere. I was shocked the when she was my server that night. My mind couldn’t catch up. I never thought I would see her again. I don’t even know why she disappeared from my life all those years ago. She has never been far from my mind. She is the one that got away. Throughout dinner, I tried to concentrate on what was happening around me, but the past kept pulling at me.

This girl used to be my world. I could tell you everything about her. Although I enjoyed spending time with her my favorite part was getting to know every inch of her body. I treated her like my toy. Her body was created just for me. It was like she was my missing puzzle piece.




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