Sneak Peak: Rocked Chapter 1

Chapter 1


            Who would have ever thought a girl who had the upbringing I had would amount to a rock star. I always dreamed big but they were always just dreams. Now that my dreams have become a reality I thought my life would also take a turn for the better. In some aspects I was right, in others, I’m still struggling to battle my demons. One song, show, and concert at a time is as far as I can think.

“Did y’all hear the crowd tonight, they loved us!” Adam, as usual, talks about all the girls screaming his name when he’s announced.

“It seems like they get louder and louder every night. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. What about you Julia?” Tish answers back.

I don’t answer her verbally but my laughter says it all. Tish has a point, after touring all over the country I still haven’t gotten use to the fans. The Rebels were always a hit back in high school. It was something about my three friends and I that made awesome chemistry on a stage. We not only respected each other creativity but we are family. Most of the time it feels like we are all each other has. We each come from different backgrounds but somehow we all have what the other needs. I’m the creator. I know how to play ten instruments and I write all of our songs. Yeah, I do a lot for the band but we all have a part to play.

Tish, our drummer, is the energy of the group. She is the person that keeps us feeling alive. Touring can take a toll on anyone and when you are traveling with four people in a cramped bus, it’s much harder. Tish makes sure we are all feeling the excitement of finally catching a break. If it weren’t for her, the band would argue much more often. She’s always been that way, though, the life of the party. Tish’s dad loaned us the money to make our sample for the contest that started it all and now he’s our manager. Most people would think that having her dad around would keep Tish in line, they would be wrong. Her energy at times tends to land her in trouble. It’s never the trouble that will get her arrested. Although there have been some close calls. Tish gets in terrible arguments with others. She’s a tough individual to be around if you don’t know her. I like to think of her as a Tasmanian Devil.

Michael is the bass player. While Tish gives the band life, Michael balances her out with his reasoning skills. Michael is what I like to think of as our heart. He’s shy but a genius. He’s our guide. While Tish’s dad Mr. O’Conner is our manager, it’s Michael he corresponds with. Michael makes sure the band’s needs are always included in any deal that goes down. It’s because of Michael we entered in “the contest” and have made it this far. He is also often the person called when Tish is having an extreme moment. He can bring her back down to earth like none other. Michael unlike the rest of us misfits comes from a perfect home. His parents are still together and support him in everything. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron are kind of like the parents of the band. They send us each care packages to different venues and try to smother us in love. It’s nice that to have someone show they care, at least for me.

Rounding out The Rebels is our lead guitarist Adam. Adam is the band’s passion. I have yet to meet a person more passionate about music. He loves all kinds of music and sounds and is always campaigning to add different sounds to my lyrics. Adam is extremely eclectic in his taste and it shows when he produces our music. Often times it’s Adam and I in the only room on our tour bus. We can make music together for hours and not really notice. It’s in those hours I find peace. Like me a single woman raised Adam. Nancy, his aunt, took over his care when Adam’s parents died in a car wreck when he was seven. She’s pretty cool though and tried her best. Nancy worked really hard and was hardly ever around so Adam was often left to his own devices. He often played around with his dad’s music collection and I’m glad he did because it made him unique. His unique musical talent was the first thing that caught my attention when we met way back in the ninth grade. From the moment I heard him on a guitar, he became my best friend and like an older brother. Technically he’s only two months older than me but I still looked up to him. Seven years later and we still have the same brother-sister dynamic going.

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since we formed The Rebels in Michaels garage. We use to play at all the parties on the weekends and even some local music festivals. It was all-just for fun then, something to do and a way to earn some extra cash. One music festival changed it all. The Rebels went from a group of teens having fun to young adults in the music business. It’s been tough staying relevant and not falling under the pressure, but somehow we have made it. However, we all have our vices and crosses to bear.


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