Rocked: A Rebels Band Novel

Rocked Julia is living her dream as the lead singer of the Rebels, a rock band with thousands of adoring fans; only she can’t escape the demands of reality enough to truly enjoy it. Just like the Rebel’s music, the high and low notes of her life are extreme. Lucky for her, she can depend on one of her band mates and best friends, Adam, to help her along the way. But when Julia starts to wonder if maybe she depends on Adam a little too much, the band is thrown into turmoil.

Adam will do anything for Julia, but now, he may have crossed the line. Join the Rebels on tour as Julia is tested and see if she really has what it takes to rock her way into a happily ever after.

Saints and Sinners Part 1


There’s only one thing that separates the saints from the sinners: who’s looking.

For the longest time, I thought I was a saint. I did everything by the book. I lived only for and by the rules. I lived my life the exact way people thought I should. There was no way to tell the difference between what I wanted and what everyone else did. I didn’t realize the shell I was until he came along.


He was everything I wasn’t. The very thing I was taught from the beginning of my existence to run from. The first time I saw him, I knew I should stay far away because he was a sinner. You could see it written all over him that he was the exact opposite of the kind of person I should be seen with.

I could sense it from miles away. You know that thing about seeing the aura surrounding people? I didn’t exactly believe in seeing auras as colors until I walked in and saw him. A sort of red halo surrounded his whole existence.

Red. I should have known.

This man had an air of danger about him that should have warned me off. He didn’t live by any rules; instead, he made his own. I tried my best not to get caught up in his orbit, but no matter how hard I tried, I was caught from the moment he looked my way.


She was heaven personified and from the instant, I saw her I could think of nothing but dirtying her up. I opened up my world to her hoping she would recognize her true self. I thought I would change her so she could rule by my side. Somehow, though, she ended up changing me just as much. Our story isn’t squeaky clean; it’s a story of a saint and a sinner realizing they are just two sides of the same coin. We complete each other, but will that be enough for the outside world?

The Borelli Family Rules: Christian

Saints and Sinners 1.5

 The Borelli Family is all Christian knows, although he isn’t a Borelli by blood. Like every other soldier, he is expected to follow the family rules. Rule number 1: Protect what’s yours. Christian has no problem protecting the Borelli Family’s Prince, Leo, or the families assets. However, he won’t bring a woman into his mafia lifestyle. He isn’t afraid he couldn’t keep a woman safe, he’s more worried about what would happen to those who would try to harm his woman.

Patricia, Tricia, Dawson is tired of being told what to do. Her parents expect everything she can’t give them. She uses a chance encounter with a stranger to take her mind off her problems, only, he doesn’t remain a stranger. Neither of them is looking for something romantic but needs something to pass the time while on vacation. What starts out as fun in the sun ends up with them finding out just how far a Borelli man will go to protect something that his, even if he hasn’t allowed himself claimed it.


Saints and Sinners Part 2

The fall from Saint to Sinner is as easy and painful as everyone describes. I never intended to fall so far, but then again no one rarely does. Going from being an upstanding citizen and mayor’s daughter to Queen of the Italian Mafia takes some getting used to, but I am learning fast. Danielle Sawyer has been reborn to Danielle Borelli, and everyone wants a piece of me. I just hope with Leo by my side we can handle the shots fired.




First Time Around

The Circle of Love Series


College was supposed to be a new beginning for Monica. Everything started off fresh, and she was finally able to have a life of her own. All of that changes when Gabriel enters her life. He is everything she’s been looking for excluding the hurdles of being in an interracial relationship. Gabriel will do anything for Monica and vows never to hurt her. Can he keep his word or will Gabriel be just another tragic time in Monica’s life?

***Warning there is a Cliffhanger, although I was kind enough to include the first chapter of the next book in the series.


Second Time Around

The Circle of Love Series


Secrets and lies tore Monica and Gabriel apart nearly

six years ago…


Can the biggest secret of all bring them back together?

Almost six years ago Monica’s world shifted on its axis, leaving her devastated and confused, pregnant and alone. After struggling to achieve her dreams, she is finally on the right track when her world changes again.

Gabriel was ready to propose to Monica before she vanished without a trace six years ago. A couple of chance meetings reveals she’s been keeping a huge secret from him. Can he forgive her and do the right thing or will the pressure be too much and cause him to leave this time?

Once trust is broken can it ever be repaired?