Using Goodreads to Your Advantage

Goodreads as a Reader

Many readers know of Goodreads and use the website to find new books. I use Goodreads religiously. I have the app on my phone, and I use it to track the books I’ve read. Goodreads can also be used to find new books by a certain author. The search features in Goodreads allows users to search by book or author. Once you find the book or author you are looking for Goodreads allows you to view other works by that author. They also recommendations for books that are similar to those you may have searched. As a reader Goodreads comes in handy when I just finished reading a book and I want to know if there is another in the series or another book that will give me the same vibe.

Goodreads is owned by Amazon, so it communicates with Kindle devices very well. From a Kindle, a reader can access their Goodreads profile and interact with other readers. A reader can also access more information about the book they are about to read by simply clicking within setting on their device. I use this feature a lot because I buy many books and often forget what a story is about when I finally get around to reading it.


Using Goodreads to Your Advantage

If like me you have recently written your first book, you want to know how to let everyone know it out there. One way to do this is by linking yourself to your book on Goodreads. The first thing I did was pay someone on Fiverr to put my book on Goodreads. There are different ways to go about this such as contacting a Goodreads librarian. I didn’t know that at the time so I used Fiverr, and my book was on Goodreads in two days.

Once your book is on Goodreads, you need to link yourself to your work. Goodreads provides simple instructions for this. Follow the instructions and within a couple of days, you will be ready to use Goodreads as an author. An author page on Goodreads allows you to interact with your readers and also set up contest. Be careful because the people on Goodreads are serious about reading and can be harsh at times. Take it with a grain of salt and don’t let your confidence falter. You wrote a book and published it. That is something to be proud of.


I am a writer but most importantly a reader. I write what I would want to read so romance, paranormal, dystopia, and chick lit is what you should expect.

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